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Cultural Appropriation in the Media #4 - How do we normalize appropriation in our everyday lives?

In the widely popular HBO show, Game of Thrones, the character Sansa comes from the northern part of Westeros called Winterfell. As with all the cultures in Game of Thrones, each has heir own dress, food, typical clothing, and even hairstyles.

But when Sansa begins to live in the southern King’s Landing, she changes her hair to how one typically of the south.

Except Sansa is not of the South. She has no ties to the south, and is little more than a long-staying guest there. Therefore, she has no right to wear the styles of actual southern women.

This is how in many little ways, cultural appropriation has been normalized in our every day lives.

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    I have really bad news for ‘cultural-appropriation - in - media… This has been happening for thousands of years!...
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    Okay, SO WRONG. First of all saying “she has no ties to the south and is little more than a long-staying guest there” is...
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    oh my god the SJWs are getting offended on behalf of entirely fictional cultures this is amazing
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