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First day of school I already knocked some guy in the face.



I was on the elevator, and didn’t know where the stairs were, so I of course took it to go down one floor. One douche comments “So you had to take the elevator to go down one floor?” 

I respond, “Did I fucking ASK for your input?” 

He goes on to say that’s why I’m a “fat bitch”. 

I slugged the fucker in the cheek. He’s lucky those doors closed because I was ready to go. He was easily twice my size but whatever. He won’t mess with me again. Nobody will. My fists will say otherwise. 



yep, accurate portrayal of this website


do celebrities ever get called for jury duty? imagine having shaquille o’neal declare you guilty


i thought this was a joke until i saw the tags


i thought this was a joke until i saw the tags

well i’ve been in denial about it for the last two days but looks like i’ve caught a really bad summer cold

gonna go curl up and watch neon evangelion cuz i’ve never seen it

I would like your blog more if you didn't lump all of Tumblr and the SJWs into one category because I hate it when people generalize Tumblr as a shithole when it really isn't.

uh I’m well aware that Tumblr isn’t just made up of just SJWs but this blog is specifically about the SJW side of Tumblr, so I didn’t realize it was necessary to point it out every time I mention Tumblr.

and Tumblr as a general entity is kind of a shithole though.


I am extremely fed up with people who claim that thin privilege exists because fat discrimination exists. Newsflash, just because one person is treated badly doesn’t mean someone else benefits from that, and it doesn’t mean that the other person doesn’t get crap.





What is love?

Apparently only for white people.

Dude, you do realize this ad is Italian right? Those people are Italian, because it’s an Italian ad. Italian people are typically white. This ad is suppose to be about acceptance in THEIR country, why would they have models that don’t look like they’re from their country?

There’s always some fuck that is never happy

Welcome to tumblr



99.99% of men don’t actually stick up for women. If they do, it is only when that woman is in physical danger, and they can be a hero or something.
But we’re supposed to believe they like women lol

Source for the 99.99% statistic: your bitter, sad ass

Are you from around Detroit? If so, awesome! I just wanted to say hi from a fellow metro-Detroiter. If not, sorry for wasting your time :)

Yep, I’m from the D! Shout-out to you too! :)